Joyce Carol Thomas
Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for entering!
Week of   Name and Hometown
10/6/97-10/12/97   Roz Finnegan and her class of Flushing, New York
(two winners!)   and J. Cummings of Machias, Maine
10/13/97-10/19/97   Pamela Kuhn of Bedford, Indiana
10/20/97-10/26/97   Gina Ogden Ellis of Cincinnati, Ohio
10/27/97-11/2/97   Carol Odom of San Jose, California
11/3/97-11/9/97   Otis Thompson of Los Angeles, California
11/10/97-11/16/97   Barbara Powell of Columbia, South Carolina
11/17/97-11/23/97   Mei-Yu Lu of Bloomington, Indiana
11/24/97-11/30/97   Meagan Allen of Houston, Texas
12/1/97-12/7/97   Gabriel Stevenson of Ann Arbor, Michigan
12/8/97-12/14/97   The Jemal Yarbrough Family of Inglewood, California
12/15/97-12/21/97   Warren Verrett of Atlanta, Georgia
12/22/97-12/28/97   Kenyon Colvin of Berkeley, California
12/29/97-1/4/98   Laura and Keeah Robertson of Biloxi, Mississippi
1/5/98-1/11/98   Barry McQueen of Loughgall, Northern Ireland
1/12/98-1/18/98   Judith Smith of Washington, D.C.
1/19/98-1/25/98   Minda Rosario of Lincolnwood, Illinois
1/26/98-2/1/98   Kathleen Crozier of Sevierville, Tennessee
2/2/98-2/8/98   Joseph M. Montagna of New York, New York
2/9/98-2/15/98   Janell Akerson of Red River, New Mexico
(two winners!)   and Gord Chamberlain of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2/16/98-2/22/98   Eugene Jones of Dayton, Washington
2/23/98-3/1/98   Dana Dreher and her class of Glen Ridge, New Jersey
3/2/98-3/8/98   Nancy Williams of Wichita, Kansas
3/9/98-3/15/98   Marilyn Capone of Morrow, Arizona
3/16/98-3/22/98   Ken Kapoor of Honolulu, Hawaii
3/23/98-3/29/98   Eliz Marshall of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3/30/98-4/5/98   Rebecca Hupfeld of Leominster, Massachusetts
(two winners!)   and Ginny Gerber of Juneau, Alaska
4/6/98-4/12/98   K. Ratliff of Madison, Wisconsin
4/13/98-4/19/98   Robert R. Hickerson of Louisville, Kentucky
4/20/98-4/26/98   Barbara Teliszczak of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
4/27/98-5/3/98   Cynthia Shulga of Stamford, Connecticut
(two winners!)   and Rosalyn Sega of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
5/4/98-5/10/98   Wanda L. Newton of Valley, Alabama
(three winners!)   Deanna L. Estep of Bountiful, Utah
    and Nina R. Howard of Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
5/11/98-5/17/98   Linda Nath of Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
(three winners!)   Bill Stephens of Northome, Minnesota
    and Logan Harry of Essex, Vermont
5/18/98-5/24/98   Sabine Culbertson of Lakewood, Colorado
(four winners!)   Rene Van Der Veen of Groningen, The Netherlands
    Ala Epler of St. Maries, Idaho
    and Orville Brown of Edwards, Missouri
5/25/98-5/31/98   Sheila Harrison of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
(four winners!)   Bruce Vrana of Newark, Delaware
    Janice Ing of Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    and Cecil Young of Angier, North Carolina
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