When the Nightingale Sings
Marigold is troubled by the mystery of her birth. Found as a newborn baby in a southern swamp, she is raised to do the housekeeping around the ramshackle cottage where she lives with a mean woman named Ruby and Ruby's bickering twin daughters. Marigold's only happy moments are the stolen ones she spends writing songs and poems and singing them from the heart, out in the swamp where nobody will hear her. One day, unbeknownst to Marigold, somebody does hear.

When the invitation arrives calling all singing women to the Great Gospel Convention, Marigold is determined to get there, against Ruby's powerful will. Marigold knows she has a history to learn, a family to find, a song to sing. And it will take the power of a hurricane, the revelations of a dream, and the love of one special boy to carry Marigold to her destiny.

National Book Award winner Joyce Carol Thomas's lyrical tale is a gospel-Cinderella story that will touch anyone who ever needed to find a place in the world.

Excerpts from the book:

When she pulled her head up from the pages, she saw the telltale signs: The birds had gone silent. The wind whipped at the leaves, driving eddies of dirt. And the light had gone funny. The air hung heavy with moisture and she was in the midst of danger. Soon a hurricane would be storming through there.

"Oh, good Lord!" she whispered. "Mother in heaven!"

Soowoosh, soo-woosh, soowoosh-woosh-woosh

She got up quickly, clutching her notebook to her breast, and started immediately for home. She would have to take a shortcut, given the way the wind rumbled and rumbled.

Soowoosh, soo-woosh, soowoosh-woosh-woosh

But a shortcut could be dangerous.

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Text © 1992 Joyce Carol Thomas. Cover © 1992 HarperCollins Publishers.
Copyright 1997-2003, Joyce Carol Thomas

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