The Golden Pasture
"A mountain's a task you fix for your spirit, a wild horse the challenge to your soul."

There was a boy and his father and his grandfather, and they were divided by a generation of anger. The ties that bound them had dissolved.

Then one magnificent horse and the legend of another rose out of the past to bind man to man and father to son. Here is their story.

With the same lyrical intensity that distinguished her American Book Award winner, Marked by Fire, Joyce Carol Thomas expands upon the story of a community, and brings to life the extraordinary essence of everyday people.

Excerpts from the book:

Carl Lee especially enjoyed hearing about the black cowboys and the Boley Rodeo. He had wanted to ride in the Boley Rodeo for as long as he could remember. But each year Gray said he was too young, too inexperienced. Everybody knew you had to be thirteen. And that was an exception; most folks didn’t ride until they were fifteen years old. Old men, thought Carl Lee.

But Carl Lee was anxious to prove himself. He couldn’t wait any longer. Thirteen was half a year away. An eternity. And next summer he’d be thirteen and a half, already an older man when the Boley Rodeo rolled around again.

He wanted to perfect some horse tricks but he palomino was too tame for the rodeo. Didn’t have a lick of spirit.

He couldn’t figure out yet just what he could do. He wanted to participate in the rodeo this Labor Day. Do something so wonderful they’d have to call him "cowboy" instead of "cowpoke".

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Text © 1986 Joyce Carol Thomas. Jacket © 1986 Max Ginsberg. Cover © 1986 Scholastic Inc.
Copyright 1997-2003, Joyce Carol Thomas

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