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Joyce Carol Thomas‘ School Visits


Welcome to the School Visits part of my website! I’d love to visit you. When you invite me to your school, we’ll explore the joys of reading, writing, and reciting.  We’ll chant happy poetry, funny stories, and imagine animal tales. You will learn to write one poem and share it with the class.  You will read each other’s poetry and talk about why and how the rhythm works.  On two-day visits you will write 1 story or 3 poems and bring your assignmet to class the next day.  On this second day your work will be shared aloud, and the entire class will applaud your creative efforts.





Here’s what students, teachers, and parents have said about Joyce Carol Thomas’ school visits:

“Joyce Carol Thomas’ books are enchanted kites, which her playful soul flies.  Genuine human instinct and intuition are the sky through which they imaginatively glide.”

Professor Stan Brown

Theatre Department

University of Nebraska at Lincoln




 “Thank you so much for coming to our school and telling us about your books and poems.  I liked them all a lot.  I liked that your topic was hair (Crowning Glory) and that may be my favorite book…I love to read and I like writing poems, so maybe I will become an author just like you.  Thanks again!”

4th grade student


“…Your poems reminded me of when I do my hair every morning, and it is hard choosing because there are so m any hair styles…”
6th grade student


 “Thank you for talking about African hair.  Now my classmates don’t ask why my hair is always braided.”

 4th grade student


“Your poetry inspired me to become a poet.”

 6th grade student


“I am glad you came to our school.  You were quiet with a soothing voice.”

 4th grade student


“Before Joyce’s school visit, my grandchild hated to pick up a book.  She thought books were boring.  But after Joyce read and shared Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea, my granddaughter began to ask me to read Brown Honey every night at bedtime.  This happened during her entire summer stay.  Her mother and dad reported that now she’s added more books to her collection.  If they skip over a word, she corrects them!”



 We adopted a new baby, and when we sang Hush Songs our baby’s eyes lit up.  Reading and listening have become a habit.  Our little one reaches for Joyce’s books and other books several times a day.

New Parents


(During) the tenth anniversary of the Foundation's New York City based Settlement House-Author Residency program…readers of all ages at Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center in New York City were visited by National Book Award winning author Joyce Carol Thomas from May 22-25.


“Fathers, mothers, and their children welcomed Joyce to the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center with a dinner held in her honor, which was followed by a reading, a discussion, and art activity based on Joyce's book, Gingerbread Days.


“Joyce Carol Thomas came to Stanley Isaacs as a stranger, but left as a friend.”

 National Book Award sponsored visit

Stanley Isaac Neighborhood Center

New York, NY


“What a marvelous event! First, Joyce shared her poetry, then inspired the children who danced to the words of her poems, including “Brown Honey” and “A Mother’s Heart” while another child recited the words.”

Dance Teacher



“I, and the entire audience of educators and students, enjoyed her presentation immensely.”



“I felt happy, relaxed.  It was good that she came to see us.  I was honored, touched, and grateful.”

Juvenile Hall student


“The author cared.”

Juvenile Hall student




[email protected]


Dee Richardson

Heritage Hall

Cassady School

2801 Camelot Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73120

[email protected]



Dana Morrow

Outreach Services

Oklahoma Metropolitan Libraries

Oklahoma City, OK

Dana Morrow: 405-235-9223X23; 405-235-9118


B.J. Williams, TV Interviewer, “Read About It”

Television Program Coordinator for the Oklahoma Libraries



Professor Jewell Rhodes, D.A.

Arizona State University

 Virginia G. Piper Chair in Creative Writing

Artistic Director, the Virginia G. Pipe Center for Creative Writing

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

P.O. Box 871701

Tempe, Arizona


Professor Dorothy Tsuruta

San Francisco State University

San Francisco, CA


Teresa Miller

University of Oklahoma now at Oklahoma State University

Center for Poets/Writers

Tulsa, OK

[email protected]


Leona Welch

Diablo Valley Community College

Pleasant Hill, CA



[email protected]


Elizabeth Cooke

UC Berkeley


Andrea Lee

Dance Teacher

Oakland Museum & Berkeley Middle Schools


Glenda Carlyle

Oklahoma Center for the Book

Oklahoma Dept. of Libraries

200 NE 18th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3298

Phone: 405-521-2502 / fax: 405-525-7804



Stacey Montgomery

Celebrating Children

P.O. Box 81

Eola, IL 60519-0081



Kris Martin

Homeless Shelter for Women and Children

Sacrament, CA


Augustina M. J. Garcia, Coordinator

CSU Summer Arts


Alexandria La Faye

Faculty Coordinator

California State University, San Bernardino

San Bernardino, CA



Professor Stan Brown

Theatre Department

University of Nebraska at Lincoln


Professor Tony Manna

Professor of English

Kent State University

Dayton, Ohio

[email protected]


Professor Dolan Hubbard

Chair, English Department

Morgan State University

Baltimore, Maryland

[email protected]


Denyvetta Davis

Library Manager

Ralph Ellison Library

Metropolitan Library System

Oklahoma, OK

Mrs. Diana Adams, Principal

St. Cyrus-Louis Bertrand School

3200 62nd Avenue

Oakland, CA




Mrs. Margie Eaton Forehand


St. Cyrus School

Oakland, CA


Cynthia Harris, Ph.D.

Principal and Project Manager

Nystrom Elementary School

West Contra Costa Unified

Richmond, CA

[email protected]


Susan Faust

Katherine Delmar Burke School




4) For elementary, high school, and library visits as well as staff development workshops in teaching reading and writing, Email Joyce directly at

At your request, we will E-mail you up-to-date information regarding school visits and staff development workshops.


For college, university, professional conferences, and seminar presentations, please contact Jodi Solomon at [email protected]


Are we privileged to live in a country where Americans who care about children and education continue to sponsor author visits? Some local business groups, national corporations, and government funding programs still believe that education is one of our highest priorities.  These organizations nobly fund workshops and assemblies on an ongoing basis even in economically difficult times. For them and for many of us, children still count!





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 If you need additional information about school visits, please drop us a note.  We look forward to hearing from you.