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If you would like Joyce Carol Thomas to speak to your group, please contact Balkin Buddies, 718-857-7605.

March 30-31, 2006

Suncoast Young Authors Conference
Keynote Speaker, panel, and book signing
Tampa, FL

Apr 30 thru May 4, 2006

International Reading Association
51st Annual Convention
"Great Books Inspire Great Teachers Great Teachers Inspire the World"
Chicago, IL

Joyce has also been a part of these recent events:

March 12-15, 2006

Reading the World
Keynote Speaker
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Feb 16, 2006

Miami Dade Public Library
Speaking to YA readers and book signing
Miami, FL

Feb 10-12, 2006

National Renaissance Conference
Speaking and book signing
Grand Ol' Opry
Nashville, TN

Feb 5-7, 2006

Miami University
Black History Address
Keynote Speaker
Oxford, OH

May 3, 2005

International Reading Association
50th Annual Convention
Keynote Speaker
"Literacy and Social Responsibility"

Apr 29-30, 2005

Dallas Children's Book Festival

Discussing and book signing:
The Gospel Cinderella

Apr 13, 2005

Northern CA Book Reviewers Awards
Gospel Cinderella nominated as one
of the five best works of children's literature published by a Northern California author
in 2004
San Francisco Library, Koret Auditorium
San Francisco, CA

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