Black Women Stirring the Waters, edited by Mary Ellen Butler

From the Foreword by Valena Minor Williams:

"This book shares the ways in which forty-four mature black women shaped their lives with strong spiritual values and the support of their loved ones. While the perspectives vary, the results are remarkably consistent. Some of the women have noteworthy careers. Some are pioneers in their fields. Most are like your neighbors, your colleagues, your acquaintances. Each woman tells how she personally confronted some obstacle of race or gender as a child, as a student, in the work world, in the church, in marriage. Each woman defines her growth as she overcame problems and grasped opportunities.

"These members of the organization, Black Women Stirring the Waters, share their experiences conversationally, as if talking with their sisters, their daughters, their granddaughters - with you. They open their arms and their hearts as they dedicate this book to young African American women everywhere with the hope that coming generations will effectively shape and define themselves proudly."


Black Women Stirring the Waters
c/o Dorothy Patterson
Book Division
P.O. Box 11088
Oakland, Ca. 94611

Copyright 1997-2002, Joyce Carol Thomas Productions, Inc.

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