written by
Joyce Carol Thomas

Avon, 1986
ISBN 0-3808-9532-3

Soon to be back in print as an Omnibus collection in November, 2007!

Flow of Life

Amber Westbrook had always been different in curious waysmore sensitive, more fiery, more knowing than anyone else in her close-knit California family. But nothing, not even the sweetness of her first taste of love, could erase the shock of the secret she discovered one piercingly clear daya scrap of an old letter that fragmented her life.

Flood of Feeling

Only the awesome power of a deadly earthquake would make her confront the deepest parts of herself, and realize the values that make the difference between who she was, and all she could be.

Water Girl

Joyce Carol Thomas continues the moving saga that began in her prize-winning novel Marked by Fire with a new generation and special heroine as rare and beautiful as the gem that gave her the nameAmber!

"What did you find out from this last book?"

"I’m not sure." She hesitated.

"Every time I read about those slaves packed and smothered on a slave ship, squashed together spoon-fashion, dying of disease, thirst, rat bite and not enough air, it made me want to hurt somebody."

Finally, she said, "You know something? With grand ancestors like those who came through the water watching ten million thrown overboard and survived the ship crossings from Africa, anyway, who knew about Mississippi lynchings, and lived on in spite of them... When I think about those folks, I think about staying around here a while... about living every moment of my life to its fullest... out of respect."

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