written by Joyce Carol Thomas

Hyperion, 2001
ISBN 0-7868-6606-3

Hyperion, 2002
ISBN 0-7868-852-4

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In this joyful, moving novel, National Book Award-winning author Joyce Carol Thomas takes readers to Ponca City, Oklahoma. Here she sets the story of Dr. Abyssinia Jackson, a regal, nurturing woman possessed of remarkable healing powers. From her office, known around town as "The House of Light," Abyssinia tends to the troubled women of Ponca City. There's Pearline, whose jealous husband beats her regularly; Vennie, a "day girl," whose mistreatment by her employer has destroyed her feet, not to mention her spirit; and Zenobia, a talented musician who finds love and solace in the arms of a white man. With her extraordinary mixture of knowing wisdom and tender care, Abyssinia helps each of these women rise above her pain to find her own infinite strength.

Filled with memorable characters, peppered with humor, and marked by Joyce Carol Thomas's graceful, lyrical prose, House of Light is a story about a community bound by caring and love, about the pleasures of helping others and ourselves, and about the power to heal that lies deep within us all.

"A geman upbeat, lyrical novel that features one of the most memorable characters so far this year . . . a wonderful new voice in fiction." Essence

"Carol Thomas writes with confidence . . . certain passages in this novel are so lovely and transcendent that they are breathtaking." The Washington Post

"This is sure to be popular for the lively dialogue, the sense of community, and yes, the hopeful message." Booklist

"This bittersweet story . . . is lyrically told and becomes ever more engrossing as the various strands are gathered up." Publishers Weekly

"Lyrical, earthy prose gives this deceptively simple story depth and richness." Kirkus Reviews

"Joyce Carol Thomas's writing glows with the illumination of 'glory light.'" Billie Letts

"Joyce Carol Thomas is a great and graceful soul. Through her example she encourages love; through her work, understanding, growth, and hope." Alice Walker

"Joyce Carol Thomas's characters enact the verities of human life: romance, apprehension, loss, and hope." Maya Angelou

"Like the characters in the canvases of Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden, Ms. Thomas's have color and depth. The humor and the pathos, the triumphs and tragedies of Black life are chronicled by this writer who possesses a fine ear, eye, and patience. This book, House of Light, is bound to attract a large audience to her work." Ishmael Reed, MacArthur Genius Award Winner

"In this rich novel, Joyce Carol Thomas writes from an imagination so boundless that it reaches us in places that we had forgotten could be touched." J. California Cooper

"Joyce Carol Thomas's prose is full of pathos and wicked humora marvelous combination for completing the memorable voyage of her Abyssinia Jackson from Marked by Fire all the way to House of Light." Carl Djerassi, winner of the National Medal of Science

"Her work always feeds my spirit with purest miel." Victor Martinez, author of Parrot in the Oven

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