Written by Joyce Carol Thomas, illustrated by Nneka Bennett

HarperCollins, 1998
ISBN 0-6940-1097-9

This book is out of print. Please request it at your local library.

First published in Thomas's award-winning collection of poetry, Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea, this prose poem carries with it a heartfelt message for young children who are just learning to appreciate their own unique and wonderful qualities.

School Library Journal:

This nine-line descriptive poem celebrates the life of an African-American child.... Watercolor-and-pencil drawings expose a self-possessed little girl full of expression and energy. At the book's end, when she is seen embraced by a woman's loving arms, a feeling of elation is evident. A slight, unassuming book that exemplifies healthy self-esteem.

Martha Topol, Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City, MI

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