written by Joyce Carol Thomas, illustrated by Holly Berry

HarperCollins, 2000
ISBN 0-0602-5378-9

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"Every bird who has a feather
Must learn to live
To live together"

After Baby Rooster takes his first steppity-step-step out of the eggshell, he has so much to discover. There’s Grandpa Goose’s funeral and Bald-headed Buzzard dunking himself in the river, hoping for some feathers. Not to mention Crow’s big wedding and a Christmas party with presents and good wishes for everyone. Life in the barnyard sure is more than just steppity-step-strut-strutting around!

School Library Journal:

Thomas's lively language features colorful phrasing and the characters express themselves with joy and verve, often breaking out in little songs and chants.... The creatures that interact in these yarns are often foolish, but also endearing, and convey a strong sense of community. Full-page pencil illustrations add to the fun. Though a good choice for independent readers, this collection really sparkles when read aloud.

Steven Engelfried, Deschutes County Library, Bend, OR

Kirkus Reviews:

When animals stand in the place of people and playfully speak their minds, this is what I call signifying," writes Thomas in a foreword to this collection of fables set in a barnyard in Possum Neck, Mississippi.... It's Baby Rooster who teaches the others how to live together.... Berry's black-and-white illustrations are charming, pointing up the human characteristics in these fowl.

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