"Joyce Carol Thomas is a great and graceful soul.  Through her example she encourages love.  Through her work, understanding, growth, and hope."
Alice Walker
Pulitzer Prize winner

"Joyce Carol Thomas' characters enact the verities of human life: romance, apprehension, loss, and hope, and they perform on the author's real life stage."
Maya Angelou
Pulitzer Prize nominee and National Medal of Arts recipient

"I became engrossed, because Miss Thomas writes with admirable simplicity and finds a marvelous fairy tale quality in everyday happenings.  Her people move through troubled times but never fail to celebrate sweeter days..."
Alice Childress
New York Times

"Joyce Carol Thomas' motivational presentations and books are enchanted kites, which her playful soul flies.  Genuine human instinct and intuition are the sky through which they imaginatively glide."
Stan Brown, Professor
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

"Joyce Carol Thomas’ sonorous way with language beckons young and young at heart of all ages in her speaking presentations.   She heralds people of all ethnicities without sentimentalizing or gratuitously embellishing her own heritage.  Joyce transcends limitations, tempting others to cross boundaries and stand tall along with her."
Dorothy Randall Tsuruta, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Africana Studies
San Francisco State University

"Joyce Carol Thomas brought us a soul stirring, food for the soul presentation that we students are not likely to forget.  Ever!"
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"A standing-room-only crowd of teachers, students, parents, and principals came to hear speaker Joyce Carol Thomas deliver her message to Alameda County Librarians and Educators.  She told us that we were obligated to be better educators.  In her presentation, Joyce Carol Thomas uplifted us, and WE uplifted our own group to discuss how to make our public schools better."
Andrea Lee, Educational Coordinator
Alameda County Public Librarians and Educators

"A get-it-done Black woman for men and women students!"
Georgia State University

"In a crowded auditorium, with teachers and students spilling in from all over Southern California, parents and principals came to hear speaker Joyce Carol Thomas deliver her message that the importance of a well-rounded education begins at home.  She encourages parents to buy books and to read bedtime stories to their children, and to have the children set aside 30 minutes to an hour to read a book to themselves at bedtime."
Nelson Berkie
UCLA Dean of the Center for Student Programming

"Humble, responsible, and true to her word.  On time and present in every way."
Teresa Miller, Professor and TV Show Producer
University of Oklahoma, Tulsa

"Joyce Carol Thomas is an extraordinary motivational speaker.  I have heard her address audiences at the Stanley Isaac Neighborhood Center in New York City, Georgia University in Valdosta, and the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, California.  She possesses the rare ability to teach and inspire in any setting, whether she is addressing educators, students, or business professionals."
Raymina Mays, Teacher and Artist

"A special guest that delighted us all was Joyce Carol Thomas, author of many wonderful children's books highlighting the African American heritage.  The children were thrilled with her presentation, and her gentle and sweet spirit blessed us all!"
Eric and Joyce Burges, Directors
National Black Home Educators Conference

"Ms. Thomas’ delivery was dynamic, informative, and inspiring.  It was a pleasure to be seated in the audience."
Gabriela Churchwell, Student
Oakland School Libraries

"Hers was a wonderful presentation at the Crocker Highlands Book Fair.  Students and their families got so much out of meeting her and hearing her presentation that included stimulating fun, and serious stories.  She helped make our Book Fair a great success!"

"During the tenth anniversary of the Foundation's New York City based Settlement House-Author Residency program...Joyce Carol Thomas was welcomed to the center with a dinner held in her honor, which was followed by a powerful presentation and a vivid discussion."
Stanley Isaac Neighborhood Center, New York, NY

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