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"Stories About Being Young in America" (featured book: A Gathering of Flowers)

"Thinking First Before We Act" (featured book: Six Fools)

"Healing the Heart and Soul" (featured book: A Mother’s Heart)

"Story of a Black Community" (featured books: Marked By Fire, I Have Heard of a Land, House of Light)

"Honoring Your Elders" (featured books: Marked By Fire, Bright Shadow, The Golden Pasture)

"Bonding Generations Together" (featured book: The Golden Pasture)

"Funny, Spooky Stories" (featured books: The Skull Talks Back, The Three Witches)

"Valuing the Past and the Present" (featured book: The Golden Pasture)

"How to Gentle Your Child to Sleep" (featured book: Hush Songs)

"Using Poems to Explore African-American Themes" (featured book: Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea)

"Celebrating Moments in Life that Form the Unique Bond Between Mother and Daughter" (featured book: A Mother’s Heart)

"A Lullaby of a Poem Read at Bedtime" (featured book: Joy)

"How African-Americans Celebrate Worship Through Dance and Music" (featured book: Shouting)

"Understanding Your Values by Understanding Your Past" (featured book: Water Girl)

"Bringing Books to K-12 Schools and Libraries"


Joyce's standard honorarium ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 plus expenses (travel, hotel, meals).  When approprate, she can adjust her honorarium to meet the budgetary requirements of your school or organization.  Please feel free to inquire regarding your specific needs.

All engagements include a question-and-answer session and book signing with Joyce.

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African-American Author, Poet, Playwright, Campus Motivational Speaker