Joyce Carol Thomas
I Have Heard of a Land
a book of poems and pictures for all ages
I Have Heard of a Land is Ms. Thomas' newest book and one of her most beautiful books ever!

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"Thomas' mastery with words evokes both the feelings as well as the practicalities that came with the hard journey West. This is a place where a woman can sleep in a sod hut, dreaming of the three-room log cabin she will someday build. Where she plants her crops and all she eats comes from her labor...the evocative artwork by Floyd Cooper shows both how important and how small one person can seem in the vastness of the prairie."
-- Booklist (starred review)

  • 1999 Teachers Choice Award, The International Reading Association
  • 1999 American Library Association Notable Book Award for Author and Illustrator
  • 1999 Notable Children's Trade Book in Social Studies Award for Author and Illustrator
excerpts from I Have Heard of a Land:
I have heard of a land

Where a pioneer only has to lift up her feet

To cast her eyes on the rocks

The fertile earth, the laughing creek

Lift up her feet running for the land

As though running for her life

And in the running claim it

The stake is life and the work that goes into it

Poems © 1998 Joyce Carol Thomas. Illustrations © 1998 Floyd Cooper. Cover © 1998 HarperCollins Publishers.
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